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Maverick Literary Book Editing
  Copy Editing — Attention is placed on ensuring correct spelling, syntax and grammar, punctuation, proper formatting of the manuscript/copy, as well as picking up on typographical errors. Suggestions are made, and at times, are implemented; the author is usually asked to make most revisions, if chosen, and another round of copyediting is performed.

   Proofreading — This is generally the final step in the process. The author has signed off or has agreed with the editing, and now he or she needs another set of eyes, so to speak, to ensure correct grammar, punctuation, syntax, formatting, and there are no typographical errors.

  Extensive Editing — Some manuscripts require extensive revisions and rewriting of sections. It may also include changes in facts, characters, storyline, and the order in which information will be presented. Other ares of work require attention to immediacy, extensive us of dialogue tags,as well as making sure the manuscript reads like it is intended.

  Moderate Editing — Editing is very much subjective as it is objective; however, it is generally agreed upon the goal of editing is to make the original manuscript or copy better. Much of the work that is similarly performed when extensive editing is required, but usually attention is now given to smoothing out and tightening the manuscript or copy.

  Light Editing — After an initial assessment, it may be determined the manuscript or copy may require less work than anticipated. The work is already crafted clearly and concisely, and it is structually sound. Attention is generally along the lines of copy editing to ensure consistency and accuracy.