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You Deserve Competence and Professionalism
  Maverick Literary was created for you. Our endeavor is to provide you competent and professional editing of your fiction manuscript. As with any endeavor we embark, we take it very seriously and being ordinary is not acceptable. We feel not only your good name and reputation is on the line when it appears before the public eye, but so is ours. That is why we will go the extra effort in making your work the best it can be as humanly possible.

   We understand the importance of the relationship between a writer/author and an editor: The editor should always strive to make the writer/author's work read better, but not at the expense of the message and voice.

   The communication between the writer/author and editor is critically important throughout the editing process, and we intend to keep you apprised of each minor and major decision. 

Get 'n Serious 2
by Rory D. Sheriff (2011)
  "This is my third read by this author. I am happy to still be interested as he keep the reading fresh and worthy of second looks."

—SiStar Tea, ARC Book Club, January 2012

  "I felt like I was there in the story, great writing. Let's not forget steamy. I can't wait to read the next one."

— reader review, March 2011